Dental treatment abroad

According to the EU Directive (Directive 2011/24/EU) all residents of the European Union who have medical insurance in their own country have the right to go to other countries for medical procedures with reimbursement of medical costs. However, the amount of money reimbursed differs from country to country.

The reason so many patients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain are coming to Dental Studio Dr. O is our excellent collaboration with health insurance companies from those countries – we are very experienced with various insurance procedures. We most often work with AOK insurance, which in certain cases covers up to 70% of dental costs.

In order to achieve complete reimbursement, Dental Studio Dr. O will issue its patients a filled-out form (Heil-und Kostenplan) together with a therapy plan, a panoramic X-ray and a calculation of procedure costs in German.

There are two options when asking for a reimbursement:

  • Before starting any kind of treatment or procedure, the patient goes to their local insurance office with a price quote that they received at their first exam, and they will receive information on how much insurance will cover. The patient then has to submit all necessary documentation, such as X-rays, information about the dental clinic and a calculation of dental costs.
  • After the dental treatment, the process and documentation are the same, except that the patient receives information from their insurance about the amount covered after they return to their country.

Since the price of dental work in Croatia is substantially lower than in other European Union countries, the patient can save up to 70% on dental costs after they receive reimbursement for a certain amount of the total bill.

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