Most patients would like to replace missing teeth that are visible, out of esthetic reasons, however, they are not aware of the tooth’s function, which is actually a lot more important. All of the teeth in our upper and lower jaws touch each other. When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth begin to tilt and shift into the missing tooth’s space, and the teeth in the opposite jaw can start growing up or down into the gap to create a chewing base. Therefore the existing neighboring teeth become weakened and can lead to tooth loss, bad oral health and can change the shape of your shape and smile.
Dro implantati

In order to choose the best procedure for you, it’s necessary to first schedule an appointment, perform an x-ray of the teeth and a CT scan (3D) if necessary, and finally, to outline your dental treatment plan, including the price quote for your recommended treatments. .

Whether you are replacing only one tooth, or all of your teeth with a fixed dental bridge on implants, or whether you are looking for reliable anchors for your dentures, tooth implants have become the long-term solution for many oral problems and are one of the most popular treatments in our dental studio.

The placement of dental implants is an easy, pain-free and safe procedure that the dentist can perform in his office using local anesthetic. The implant procedure process can be divided into a few steps:

  • Implants are placed strategically in the jawbone. The procedure is not painful and takes about half an hour. After the procedure, the patient is given an antibiotic, painkiller and ice. It is advised to avoid rinsing for the first 24 hours after surgery, but the teeth can be washed normally. Minor bleeding and swelling are possible. In order to minimize the swelling, the patient should apply ice on the outer side of the treated area 10 minutes at a time every 15 minutes and the head should be kept elevated while lying down. Hot beverages should be avoided as well as hard or “sharp” foods. Smoking should also be avoided for the first 24 hours after surgery and while any bleeding is present.
  • After the implant is placed, the healing process begins and lasts until the implant fuses with the surrounding bone. This usually lasts around three months, but depends on the type and complexity of the procedure, as well as on the patient’s bone quality. During this process, a healing cap is placed over the implant to protect it.
  • After the gums have healed an abutment is placed on the top of the dental implant, and an impression is taken to have the crown made.

There are many implant manufacturers. We use only respected implant manufacturers such as  Nobel Biocare and Astra Tech, one of the leading implant systems in the world. 99% of their implants are fitted successfully because they are made of pure titanium. 

All of our implants come with a lifetime warranty, and if adequate oral hygiene is performed, they will last a lifetime.


Implant pictures can be seen in the Gallery.

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