Nobel Biocare and AlphaBio offer lifetime warranties on all dental implants

Each patient receives an implant booklet where the dates of all implant procedures are written down, including the unique dental implant serial number, as well as a warranty of originality and quality.

The warranty includes partial or complete breakage of the implant. If any work or procedure is done on the implants in another dental office, our warranty will be terminated.

In case of dental implant loss, and if new implant placement is not possible, the patient can receive a return in the amount of 2,000 kuna.

5-year warranty on crowns, bridges and dentures

The warranty covers damage to prosthetic restorations – breakage or chipping of porcelain and breakage of bridges or dentures.

2-year warranty on veneers

The warranty covers partial or complete breakage of material (composite or ceramic)

The warranty will be valid only if the patient follows the doctor’s instructions and warranty conditions.


  • Routine (preventative) dental check-ups at least once a year.
  • Regular oral hygiene according to dentist’s instructions (information and tips available on the web and in the dental office).

  • Regular wearing of aligners if included in the treatment plan set up by your doctor.
  • The warranty is inapplicable if damage is caused by sports, accidents or any third party, or if the patient undergoes chemotherapy/radiotherapy.
  • The warranty cannot be applied if removable prosthetic devices are not properly removed according to the doctor’s instructions or if damage is caused by the patient..

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