When you are missing one tooth

All-ceramic crown on implant

Most patients don’t seem to mind if they are missing a single tooth, but unfortunately, one missing tooth can affect the position of not only the surrounding teeth, but also of teeth in the opposite jaw. Over time, this problem can weaken the overall structure of the mouth and jaw and can also result in a crooked smile.

If you are only missing one tooth and the surrounding teeth are healthy and strong, the best long-term solution would be a ceramic crown secured on a dental implant. Not only do implants offer outstanding esthetics, they are also practical because the neighboring teeth do not have to be ground down and are not affected at all, as they are in the case of dental bridge placements. Other advantages are easy oral hygiene (since dental floss and interdental toothbrushes can be normally used between the crown implant and the natural tooth) and provide biting and chewing pressure to the bone, which isn’t the case with dental bridges.  

Depending on the quality and quantity of bone, dental implants can be placed immediately following tooth extraction, a few months after or a longer period of time after tooth loss.

Three months after placing the implants in the jawbone, a dental crown can be put into place and will give very natural-looking results.

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