When you are missing several teeth

Implant-Supported Bridges

An implant-supported bridge is supported by implants and not by natural teeth and is one of the best replacement solutions when the patient is missing more than one natural tooth, giving a natural look and feel.

When several teeth are missing it is possible to place two or more dental implants into the jawbone, and a dental bridge will later be placed and secured onto the implants.

This way, partial dentures will be avoided, as well as the filing down of the neighboring healthy teeth in the case of dental bridges without implants.

Advantages of implant-supported bridges:

  • Implants will replace the missing tooth root which has a very important role in the health of our jawbone. Missing teeth cause changes in the jawbone structure, and the surrounding teeth shift or tip into the empty space causing lack of stability in the whole jaw.
  • They give patients a feeling of security and confidence and are significantly more comfortable than removable partial dentures.
  • They protect your natural teeth.

  • They bring back your chewing, speaking and smiling function.
  • They provide highly esthetic results because they are very natural looking.
  • Implant-supported bridges are recommended for missing teeth in the back of the mouth where they must bear the force of a patient’s bite, therefore having a strong and permanent base is vital.
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